Special Characteristics: 
The original Damara cattle had typical Sanga characteristics, including cervico-thoracic hump and long horns. The modern Damara have shorter but spreading horns, and they resemble the Kaokoveld cattle. The hump is moderately larger than other Namibian Sanga cattle. The traditional Damara herds consisted of cattle of the same colour, bright brown being the most popular. The present-day herds have variable colour (Felius, 1995).
Main Location: 
Found in southern Angola, northern Namibia and adjoining parts of Botswana.
Damara or Herero are two clans of the same Bantu tribe. Their cattle are believed to have descended from the waves of Sanga cattle first brought in by the Bantu people during the 16th century. However, much of their original stock was lost to the rinderpest epidemic and cattle raids by the Khoikhoi. The present-day Damara cattle evolved from remnants of the original stock as well as neighbouring Sanga cattle, and hence they are less uniform (Felius, 1995).