Lozi, Rowzi, Rozi, Baila
Setswana group
Special Characteristics: 
Typical sanga conformation with long horns and legs; coarse-boned and large longy appearance from long legs; coat colour is often black, brown and sometimes fawn, grayish or patched (Felius, 1995). The Barotse is a docile animal and makes a good work animal.
Main Location: 
Maintained by the agricultural Barotse and Lozi tribes from the south-eastern corner of Angola to south-western Zambia along the Zambezi river.
Sanga cattle were introduced into southern Africa when the Khoikhoi (Hottentots) first crossed the Zambezi river about 700AD with their sanga cattle. Several waves of the Bantu people with various strains of sanga cattle entered the region and settled. Tribal migration and cattle raids continued until recently; consequently the different breeds of sanga today are related. The Barotse breed appears to have expanded after the Rinderpest epidemic (Felius, 1995).